WordPress SEO: How To Get Your Face In Google Search Results

With all the mayhem about Google+ it’s not astounding that numerous individuals missed Google’s advancement of initiation and ability. One of the consequences of this is the capacity to get your face in Google indexed lists. google index download

Presently, I don’t mean simply setting up a Google profile and getting your profile picture show up when you Google your name.

In any case, what I do mean is your face showing up beside an article you have written in the Google results page for normal watchwords that are important to the article.

This is a distinct advantage.

Individuals who have associated with you through Google will consequently observe your face in the outcomes pages in the event that they are hunting down a point you have expounded on. Google realizes the searcher has an association with the creator and won’t just put the creator’s page higher in the rankings yet in addition puts a monstrous visual push towards this outcome.

The consequence of getting your face in the Google SERPs are:

Monstrous increment in snap throughs from the pursuit pages

An expansion in the presentation of your own image

So how might I get my face in Google SERPs?

Alright, here you go! How about we go over the errands in more detail.

  1. Set up a Google profile

You should do this in the event that you haven’t as of now. On the off chance that you have a Gmail account or have utilized some other Google administrations you most likely as of now have one.

When you have your Google profile set up it’s significant that you transfer a reasonable headshot for your profile picture. You should likewise make an enlightening About page which ought to incorporate a connection to the landing page of sites where you writer articles. Your should likewise set up a +1 page and ensure the tab shows up on your Google profile. Here’s my Google profile.

  1. Connection to your Google profile from your blog

You have to connection to that Google profile page from each page you have created. The least demanding approach to do this is to add a connection to the header, footer or sidebar of your blog. The connection to your Google profile ought to be this way:


There are two significant particulars to this code: Firstly the connection HTML has the rel=”author” tag in it. Furthermore the grapple content of the connection back to the Google profile has a +(plus) toward the start or end of it.

On the off chance that you have a WordPress site you can either placed this in a content gadget in the event that you have a widgetized sidebar. Or on the other hand you can glue the HTML straightforwardly into the sidebar.php of your subject. You may get a kick out of the chance to incorporate the Google+ connect with your Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook joins.

  1. Make a creator page on your site

Make a creator page on your website (an “About” page for a solitary creator blog) connecting to the creator page with a rel=author and connecting to your Google profile on the About page with a rel=me.

So as to the rel=author tag on the About page in WordPress menus do this: Go to Appearance > Menus and snap on Screen Options and afterward check “Connection Relationship (XFN)” and that will empower you to add a connection relationship to your About page, which ought to be “creator”.

  1. Connection from Google+ to your site

You need to interface your Google+ profile back to your site. Go to your Profile > About and hit Edit Profile. Presently you can tap on the Other Profiles right hand sidebar and alter the destinations you claim or add to. You should do this progression.

Also, remember to make a creator/about page on your site with a rel=”me” labeled connect to the Google+ profile page.

Alright, I’ve done that however despite everything it doesn’t work

It won’t work right away. Nonetheless, meanwhile you can test it to ensure it works.

Head over to Google’s Rich Snippets Testing Tool and enter the site that you have connected to and from your Google profile accurately. Here you will be told if your origin markup is right.

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